Into Syfy? 

I wouldn’t consider myself a sci-fi fanatic.  In the sense that I am big on ALL things in that genre. Nope, though I do like sci-fi I don’t go searching for the latest sci-fi shows. I surf Kodi or Leonflix for shows, no doubt, but I’m open to all genres. With the exception of horror.  I’m so not into that. At least not the gory ones anyway.  Ok, even the non-gory ones. I’m a bit of a scaredy cat.  🤫

Though all things science fiction is not for me, when I do find a show or movie in that category, that’s good, I like to recommend it to my friends, family, colleagues, and even my students. Why keep a good show to yourself?!

And that’s what this blog is about.

If you haven’t seen it yet give 12 Monkeys a chance.  It’s based off the 1995 movie, of the same name. But it’s 200% better. 

The plot is the same…but, of course, with many more details. The main character’s names are the same too. But it’s not like the movie.  It’s better! And the characters, especially Jennifer, are great. I read a recent article about this show. The guy said something like “people watch for the plot then stay for the characters.” That is exactly how I feel about 12 Monkeys.  I’m almost sad to have only four seasons with it. But in a good way. 

It’s a show that really makes you appreciate time more. And what we do with it. 

But that’s as much as I’ll share about the show.

Give it a try.  Even if you’re not that into sci-fi. Stay the course.  Keep watching.  Maybe not like me. I binged all four seasons in five days. No regrets either. But you, you can take your time, pund intended. Either way, I think you’ll like it.

But don’t take my word for it. 

Happy bingeing…or not. 😉

And, for anyone wondering, Syfy is the channel the show was running on. 

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