Drinking in Saudi 

I live in a country where alcohol is not allowed. Back home we call them dry counties. But even in dry counties one is allowed to drink alcohol.  Just at home.  Though don’t think I’ve ever lived in a dry area.  

But Saudi. It’s real. It’s not just not allowed.  It’s like not allowed in the it’s illegal and if you get caught you will get arrested.  And foreigners will get deported. 😱

Now, you may be thinking “is it a true no alcohol anywhere country?” 

I can only say that I’ve heard of people bringing in alcohol from their trips abroad or even from nearby countries.  Of course, I’ve never done that.  And if I ever had I’d never disclose it.   😉

I’ve also heard of people making their home brew. Which come on, that wouldn’t surprise me. Think of prohibition days. Think of even the prison system. I worked there and would hear of inmates finding ways to make alcohol.  People always find ways.  

Have I ever been privy to home brew? No. And if I have I’d never say so. 😎✌🏾

Ok, don’t get me wrong there might be ways to gain access to alcohol in places like compounds or say the Diplomatic Quarters.  Those places are like their own island. And even Aramco.  Mind you I can’t say for sure. 😉

I’m ok with not being able to drink in Saudi. But sometimes it would be nice to just come home after a long day and have nice cold one. Especially on the weekends. However, it’s just not possible.   

So, I resort to doing what many do…and that’s drink the non-alcoholic beverages.  The near beers. Or even the virgin drinks that they have at TGIFridays or Chilli’s. Yes, they have those restuarants here. And yes, they serve drinks like Margaritas and Pina coladas, as well as other types. Honestly though, it’s so not the same as the real thing. In a way it’s messed up to even offer them. I mean, it’s like teasing us. Not cool!
Being in Saudi is a place not everyone can deal with. All the restrictions.  The hot weather. And all the restrictions.  😂  

I’m happy to say that the fact that alcohol is illegal here has never been a problem for me. I may like a drink from time to time, but I can settle for the fake stuff. Plus, definitely cheaper (the real stuff is way more expensive– when drinking in Bahrain) not to mention there is no hangover.  

I’ll so drink to that! 🍻

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