When I stop and think about how things are with our current president I am in shock. Shocked that are a lot of people that are cool with his behavior.  

I read things like:

“President Trump says it like it is! That’s why we like him.”

“We were tired of all them lying politicians so we chose someone that would be different.” 

“He is a man of God. God chose him. God bless Trump.”

Note: I never was into politics when younger.  Mostly cause I was raised in a low social economic status environment.  Meaning, a single parent raised me and my siblings.  My mom had no education after 8th grade. My mom wasn’t raised in a household that had any dealings with politics. And the same was true for our family. It was only until I was in college that I started to wake up to the world of politics.  But even after graduating college I didn’t bother with it much. 

Really, it was not until social media did I really start to get into politics. I started to watch the news more. Not just one channel but all of them. I started to read newspapers more. It was good to be more aware of how things work or should work in America.  

Although I’ve not been more awake than I am with our current president.  And because I’ve been paying so much attention I don’t see any good in him.  As a person and for sure not as a good president.  I did not vote for him. And that’s why I call him #notmypotus 

That said, I pray for him.  As I know we need to. I pray that he either changes to be fit for the job or he gets replaced by someone who can properly more effectively take the lead. And I pray that God helps me not scream out my window for someone to tell me I’m not in some bad dream. 

But I know it’s not a dream.  It is a nightmare.  A I’m awake nightmare. For the president of the United States of America is the guy from Apprentice.  Is a guy that is a racist, sexist, bigoted, narcissistic, liar, and one who lacks couth and professionalism.  And so many other things to boot.  

And he is a man that people practically worship.  Like some god, some idol.  As stated above, people actually think he was CHOSEN by God. That he is a man of God. 

What God do they worship? 

What God does he follow?

I’ve met sinners, I’m one, women and men that are far far far from perfect. Yet in all their sinfulness they are NOTHING like Trump.  They have Christ in their heart and it shows. They are mindful of how they treat people.  They show compassion.  They give respect.  They are loving, caring and kind.

Things I just don’t see in that man.

Am I blind? Am I the one that needs repentance for not being able to see him as the “chosen one”? 

Or are those that follow him delusional? So blinded by their desire for change that they let a manchild in? So tired of the typical politician that they let in a lying buffoon? 

Maybe there is some truth to the God thing, not that he CHOSE him but that He ALLOWED him to win.  For some greater purpose. 

What though? What good can come from this?

I think it’s that him and those like him, there are many, are giving light to the the ugliness in Washington.  And that ugliness, that dirtiness, will give way to more and more people of color and minorities running for office and getting out to vote. In ways we’ve never seen before. 

I see it happening already.  

Maybe this is why this has had to happen.  

If everything happens for a reason.  Maybe, I pray, this is why America has Trump.  So we can wake from our non political slumber. 

We’ll know come November. I feel like a wave of blue is on the horizon.  Can you see it? Can you feel it? I can.  

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