My Saudi students 

As I contemplate where my next chapter will be–teaching ESL or geting into instructional trainer or turning the page in my next chapter doing something completely different than teaching/trainer–I am full of humility.  Full of joy. Full of gratefulness.  

Not so much from being a teacher, but rather from getting to meet some really amazing students.  Students that inspire me. Students that remind me why I am in Saudi.  Students that have shown me that there’s still a lot of love in this world.  Even amongst the hate. 

I do have students that lack respect. That lack obedience.  That lack simple common decency.  And it can both disheartening and frustrating at times, but those kind of students are probably everywhere. Albeit maybe not so much the non-teenagers, which is in my case. But I digress. For now. 

As for my wonderful students, I kinda think they take the cake in awesomeness! Call me biased.  😉

If you’re wondering what has prompted me to  write this blog, well, it’s just how every day I get to teach students that appreciate their teachers.  That support and respect their teachers.  And who love their teachers so much that you see it in the way they smile when they see you.  

That’s something worth blogging about.  Wouldn’t you agree? 

P.S. The pics below are of the sweet lil gift (of chocolate) one of my students gave me today. For no other reason but to say thanks. ❤

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