I miss balconies. Saudi Arabia doesn’t have a lot of places with them. It’s odd really. It’s such a safe country yet I most homes have cage like things on their windows. Not all homes of course.  And the newer ones are being built without them. But still odd, to me. 

My students tell me it’s for security reasons. But personally, I see it as a fire hazard.  But that is all I’ll say about that.

Back to no balconies.  Not sure why it’s this way. Maybe it’s for security reasons in that the tenants have a better sense of safety and protection.  I can’t say. All I know is I miss them. 

I miss finishing a workout and grabbing a cold one and drinking it while out on the balcony. Or just sitting outside and watching the sunrise or sunset. Without having to actually go anywhere, because of having a balcony. 

Now, I have seen places with balconies. And for sure they have them in compounds. But when it comes to public housing there are in short supply.  It’s so rare here that when I do see them I’m in awe. 

I know it may be a little insignificant thing to some. And really it, obviously, doesn’t keep me from continuing to live in Saudi. It’s merely something I miss.  Something I look forward to having once I permanently move back to the states. And something I felt like blogging about. 

If you live somewhere with a balcony, enjoy it extra for me today…and every day. 😎

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