Watch “for KING & COUNTRY – joy. (Lyric Video) (4K)” on YouTube

I choose joy! Which, let’s be honest, can be somewhat hard at times. Especially in a world where there’s SO MUCH negativity in it. Just go on social media and see for yourself. Even the videos that have heart warming content in them can have comments of people who seem to only know how to be negative.  People who can’t just watch a cute video without commenting something that takes away from what the video was trying to convey. 

I don’t understand it. I do try. In the end I have to be ok with not knowing the “why” to why people are full of anger and pessimism.  I can speculate. I can offer conjecture even. But I don’t really know. 

That doesn’t stop me from praying for them. I do believe in the power of prayer.  It’s done powerful things in my life. 

And I can remember what my Drill Sergeant told me way back when, in basic training, which was “NEVER let anyone steal your joy.” 

That’s what I remember when I read comments after comments full of hate, anger and negativity.  When I look around and see how the world can be so full of people that are only about themselves. It can be quite daunting.

But…there is hope. As there is still love in this world too. There are still good people in it as well. I just have to make sure to choose joy and be open to (still) see the beauty all around.  

Hope you choose joy too. ❤

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