French toast 

Are you like me, when you make French toast the first one doesn’t come out as nice as the rest of them? Same for pancakes.  

This morning I, as my French toast was not going so nicely, I was thought about life. 

See, I’m a veteran of the military.  But I’m a veteran in life too. Cause I’ve had one interesting life. Full of joy. Full of heartache.  Full of failure. Full of happiness. Full of tribulation. Full of success.  Full of physical hardship. And full of much more as well.

Notice I didn’t say I was an expert? I’m far from that.  But I’m a veteran to all life can throw our way. No doubt.

And as a veteran I’ve learned that we don’t always get it right the first time. No, life is not that easy. Really, most things that are worth going for isn’t easy. 

Just like I won’t give up with trying to finish the French toast in a better way than my first attempt, I do the same with all of life’s obstacles. Or just life in general.  

Maybe you do just fine with your French toast and/or pancakes.  Or anything related to cooking. Kudos if that is the case. Some people are just great in the kitchen.  Unlike me. 

But maybe life isn’t as easy. Like it isn’t for just about all of us. And if that is true, remember it’s about not giving up. It’s about trying again. Even if again turns into again and again and again. Remember you’ll get it right as long as you don’t stop trying. 

At least that’s what my life experiences have taught me. And French toast.  😉

Who ever you are and where ever you are I wish you a beautiful blessed day. 

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