Let truth prevail 

I just started watching a British detective show and boy how it resonates with what’s going on today.  With regards to the alleged sexual assault case against Judge Britt Kavanaugh. 

Now the case in the show, seaon 1 episode 1 of the show Unforgotten is about a murder.  Not a sexual assault crime. But even still what the detective is saying rings true. Not just for murders. But also for crimes of sexual nature.  

Though with the case of Kavanaugh I’m finding out that too many people don’t agree. 

As they say things that make me sad, but more so angry. 🤬

Like “boys will be boys” or even worse “if it happened it was a long time ago”, as if that makes a difference.  

Here is my two cents about it all:

1. The boys will be boys mentality is hog wash! Boys aren’t brought up to see women as play things. Even if that’s how some were or are, it’s not the majority. So stop saying that. For it’s disgusting.  It’s wrong.  And it’s NO excuse to get away with sexual harassment or assault.  Period!

2. It doesn’t matter how long ago it was. If this guy, who has been nominated to take up a seat of one of the most powerful positions in America, committed a crime he needs to be held accountable.  This needs to come to light BEFORE he is given such a high position. That’s the whole point of the hearing. Things are supposed to come out BEFORE not after such a position.  Rightly so! 

3. For those that don’t believe her SIMPLY because she’s not told her story, publicly, before now sit down and pay attention to WHY victims of sexual assault don’t come forward.  They feel ashamed.  They feel as if maybe they caused it. They feel scared of the possible reprecussions if they come forward.  Or they are just not able to talk about it due to the trauma of it all. 

4. As to why now, before this man is appointed such a high position, well refer to point # 2. Additionally, what I read, it bothered her so much to see this man be allowed to have that much power knowing what he did and how he got away with it. She has a conscious.  I believe she did the right thing. Even if now she is getting death threats and her world is upside down.  All because she was a victim of sexual assault and decided, finally having the strength to do so, to come forward. To tell the world that this man, that so many see as practically perfect, has a dark past. 

5. By her coming forward more is coming to light. About Kavanaugh and about the high school he went to. And I strongly feel more will come out NOT in his favor.  

We humans are imperfect.  We make mistakes.  We sin. No doubt. But to commit a crime, of a sexual nature, one should not get a hall pass because of when it happened or because of their social economic status or because they’re of a certain color or because of who they know. Sorry not sorry. 

Our Father God, through Christ, can forgive us but we still have to deal with the consequences of our actions here on earth.  

If what Dr. Christine Ford says is true then Kavanaugh should NOT be appointed a seat in the supreme court. 

Just so you know, I would say the same about any nominee.  Whether Democrat or Republican. Wrong is wrong.  And truth (should) always prevail.  Though we know it doesn’t always. Let’s hope it does here. 

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