The Media part 1

Disclosure: I believe in the freedom of the press. I believe they are needed in that they do a lot of good discovering the truth. We need that. In a way, they are a way of having checks and balances. 

All that said, I don’t care for when the media get pushy or rude or just infringe on peoples privacy.  Yes, I’m referring to the paparazzi. They take things to a whole other insane level. 
That’s not cool. Let be. No need to practically be in the bathroom checking out what kind of bowel movements celebrities have. Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But not by much. Lets be honest. 

Another thing that isn’t cool is when the media, the news folks, miss reporting things that should be reported on. 

Biggest example being good news. We so need more good news. Like when someone goes to CNN, MSNBC, BBC, and any other of the big ones (No, I’m not a fan of Fox news) there needs to be a section for good news. In the front where it’s easily seen. 

I think that is self-evident.  

We have so much bad news. All the time. Whether it’s about crazy horrible stuff happening in politics.  Or with the weather, dare I say climate change. Or with gun violence.  Or or or! 

It gets to a point where many of us are bombarded with such bad news that it affects us.  I see it. I’ve felt it myself.  So much so that I need to get lost in the videos on cute puppies and adorable cats or goats or even pigs. I think you get my point. 

I know there are good things happening in this world. People doing good for others.  The world is full of people showing compassion and just being awesome.  Yet the media seems to show so little of that. Why? Fear mongering maybe sell newspapers or get a lot clicks. But so does feel good news. 

It is my prayer that more of that will take place. We, the world, needs more of it! 

For realz! 

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