The Media part 2

Alright, as my previous post stated the world needs more feel good news. No doubt!

But the other thing I feel the media, and by media I mean those that report the news. Just to make sure we are on the same page. I’m talking from the small size places like those who blog like me, to small town newspapers, to big giant news outlets. They all could do better with writing about everything NOT just what they deem is important to write about. 

What do I mean?

Ok, the other day I was having dinner with two Saudi women, here in Saudi. One of them went to college in Miami. I was SHOCKED to hear her tell me that a young male Saudi student was murdered. He was found in his apartment. 

I was shocked because I am always reading the news and I have heard nothing about this murder.  

Two or three days after it happened I found out by a Saudi, in Saudi.  

I just find that odd. I also find it wrong. This is an international student that, from what has been reported, was butchered.  All of which I discovered when I went searching for the story. 

I only found a handful of sites that reported on it too. None of which were the major news sites.  Sadly. 

There is a search for a man in connection to the murder or who may have info that can help the investigation. Is this not something ALL news sites should be talking about? 

I don’t want to believe that because the student was a Saudi and a Muslim he was less worthy of being reported on. I don’t, honestly, want to believe this is the case. But it does make me wonder. 😞

All murders need to be reported. All rapes and sexual assaults, when the victims are willing to go public of course, should be reported.  All. Regardless of race, gender, religion, nationality, etc. Especially if the killer or rapist or abuser has not been arrested.  

Let’s get away from reporting about which celebrity is getting a divorce or which celebrities are fighting. Let’s have more news. More real news.

Please and thank you. 

I’ve put a link to the article of the murder of the Saudi student below.

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