Another one?! 

Disclaimer: not a feel good story

Really?! This article is about yet another caucasian person thinking they are somehow better and harassing two African Americans. 

She said: “I’m white and I’m hot!” Not!!! On the hot part! Sorry not sorry! 

Blatant racism. Not trying to cover it up. Not trying to be discreet. Just being loud loud and racist.  

And dumb. Totally dumb.

Lost her high paying job and is now a new real cast member of Orange is the New Black.  

For what? Because you think you’re a superior race? 

Like a friend once told me: racism is mental illness.  

Help is available.  But folks need to recognize it for what it is before they can be better. Psychologically better. 

I hope this stops. Slows down. Goes away.  But it’s been  part of America for so long not sure that’s possible.  Especially when you have people of power who practically endorse it. 😔–abc-news-topstories.html?.tsrc=daily_mail&uh_test=1_11

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