You probably know that Hawaii is an amazingly awesome beautiful, nay, gorgeous place. But I’m here to tell you…it’s more than that.

Yes, it’s beautiful.

Yes, it’s gorgeous. 

But it’s also full of awe and wonder. 

Yesterday, my family and I went on a jungle ride. We got to see where parts of Jurassic World was made. Where parts of Jumanji was made. And even Kong Scull Island. In addition, the place where a new Netflix Ben Affleck show was filmed. How awesome! 

The place I’m referring to is not in the busy Waikiki area. Nope. We were on Kuala Ranch. A place I recommend all to check out.  A place that has maintained its beauty despite allowing visitors to experience its awesomeness.  

Granted all of Oahu is quite extraordinary to me.  This was my favorite place to visit. 

And don’t get me wrong. Hawaii is not just all rainbows and butterflies where everything is pinnapple perfect. It has poverty.  It has homeless folks. Just like every place on the planet. And I hope that that will one day be a thing of the past. For all nations.  

But despite those truths, Hawaii, Oahu specifically, is a place I am so grateful to have been blessed to visit.  A place I was stationed at way back when too. Though when I was in my early twenties I truly didn’t appreciate living here. I took it for granted I suppose.  

That’s why being back after 25 years feels so gratifying. I can appreciate it more now. As well as see so much more, as a tourist, than I did as a sailor living on the island.  😎

Alright, here are some pics of my (much needed) vacation.

***chickens are everywhere  — was told the Portuguese brought them to the island 

This is close to where our Airbnb is located.  😍

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