Let’s get angry

This YouTube clip is really great.  I’m writing off the subject matter in it. Worth the watch. 😊

Bravo Bryan Cranston. Love what he says about anger. And how  society seems to think we should somewhat refrain from anger.

I think we need to get angrier! We aren’t angry enough. 

There is nothing wrong with anger.  It’s what we do with it that matters. 

Jesus got angry. Very.  When he saw how the place of worship was being used. He even got physical, in that (according to scripture) he knocked over tables in his anger.

Anger is not a sin.

Actually, I believe think to keep anger bottled in is quite unhealthy.

That said, let us be cautious in our anger. Smart even.  And never violent.

But. Let. Us. Be. Angry.

At what?

1. At the injustices that continue to happen to those of specific races, nationalities, social economic statuses, & religions.

2. At the injustices that continue to happen to those who are female.

3. At the corrupt politicians that continue to have power.

4. At the fact that pharmaceutical companies continue to get richer at the expense of, well, the dying.  We know there are healthier treatments outside of chemo. Outside of opioids. To name but a few. Yet, the government doesn’t allow many people to use said alternative treatments. Which. Is. Insane. 🤦🏽‍♀️

There are way more things to list that anger me. That should anger us all. But I’ll stop at those four.

My point, let’s be angry! And do something about it. Whether that’s writing to our government officials. Getting involved with ways to fight back injustice. Blogging about it. Or even just starting a conversation about it. If we understand that being angry, being mad, is not the same as becoming violent maybe society as a whole will stop seeing getting angry as a bad thing. Hopefully anyway.  ✌🏾

There. Off my soapbox now. 😁

P.S. the ramblings expressed are my own and not affiliated with anyone. #heehee 😉

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