Get your inscribed copy of my book

Now that I’m back home I can get (more) serious about selling more of my HOPE through cancer books. I’ve been blessed to sell many in Saudi. But now it’s time to do the same in my home country. 😎❤

Because I will be receiving more than 200 copies I can sell them for less than if you bought online. I will be selling them for a bargain at $10 a pop. I can ship them to you. Maybe add $2 for shipping fees–a little more if you’re overseas. 😉

I will inscribe the book to you or whoever you buy it for. I know people like that personal touch.

Tell your family & friends. Tell your co-workers. Tell your church.

It’s NOT just about about going through cancer. It’s also a book about faith. About courage. And about hope.

Plus, 50% of each book sold goes to ovarian cancer organizations. So you will be helping in an amazing way!

When your ready…send me a direct message.

Below is my PayPal account.

Love to you and yours. ❤

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