My Share Ride experience 

Every since Uber came to town I made sure to use it…versus taking a taxi. Mostly in Saudi Arabia that is. Though I’d take it in other countries too. And in the states I’d take Lyft, their competitors.  

Why? Simply, because they are more efficient than taxis/cabs. Not too mention: cheaper, cleaner, safer and more reliable.  

I’m not saying taxis/cabs are horrible.  I’ve had some decent experiences.  But the bad ones outweigh the good ones. I doubt know how many times I’ve been overcharged because the guy would go a different way or take advantage of me being a bit under the influence of alcohol.  That happened in Amsterdam.  

But with the share rides, another name for Uber and Lyft,  I know (for the most part) what I’m getting into.  The drivers use GPS and I know the driver’s name and car plate.  If anything goes wrong I can write about it on the app…and I always get a refund. 

Those are things you just don’t get when taking a taxi/cab. 

Additionally, some of the drivers are very accommodating.  With USB chargers and even water. Granted the offer of water was mostly in Saudi. And not sure it would come off well anywhere else. Simply because the passengers might be suspicious of the drivers intentions.  Rightly so too.

I don’t know if taxis/cabs will one day be obsolete. I tend to think they’ll always be around.  If not just in the smaller places or in the big cities. Places where they are more needed. 

As for share drive, I don’t see it going away anytime soon.  

Which is fine by me as it gives me an opportunity to be a part of it. First as a passenger and now as a driver.  

It’s only been less than three weeks but so far so good. 

I do my best to drive carefully.  I am a talker so I enjoy chatting with my passengers.  But I also respect one’s desire to not be spoken to. I keep my vehicle clean.  And I remember the things I didn’t like with some of the drivers in Saudi.  And try to do the opposite. Which is always getting out of the car to help with luggage or groceries. And keeping my car smelling nice. Those things make a (positive) difference.  

Will I do this, drive for Lyft, for a long time? I can’t really say.  It’s still new. But so far I do like it.  It’s nice not having to dress up. A ball cap and workout clothes is so comfortable.  It’s nice to work how many hours I want. It’s nice to choose my hours. And it’s nice not having to have someone micromanaging you. 

That said, I miss being a part of a team.  A real in person team. I’m a people person.  And though I’m around people as in they are who I drive-it is not the same. 

So only time will tell. 

For now it’s a nice change of scenery.  And it’s far from stressful.  Which, hey, is pretty awesome.  

If you ever want a part time gig or even full time gig and have nice running vehicle and no criminal history than try ride sharing.  It may not be for everyone.  But you never know until you go for it. 😊😎

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