Recurrence of cancer 

Well where do I begin. Just the facts I suppose.

Fact: biopsy results came back showing cancer recurrence

Fact: did not like hearing that

Fact: cancer sucks!

Fact: God is who I trust

Fact: My strength is in Christ

Fact: I have SO MANY people supporting me and praying for me

I share not for pity or even sympathy. I share because I believe in the POWER of prayer. And even though I’m not sure about what’s gonna happen next I have comfort knowing God will get me through it. Just as He did before. Just as He has through so much of life’s tribulations.  Amen!

#allwillbeok #gonnalivebymyname #godsgotthis #happytobebackhome #thanksinadvance4yourprayersandsupport

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