God only knows the struggles I’ve been through.  Am going through. That so many are going through.  

As a follower of Christ I’m not delusional or in denial that this life is not guaranteed to be without pain, sorrow, hardships, trial, tribulations, or fear. 

But just as those things are sure to happen the same can be said that life can also be full of fun, excitement, adventure, healing, love, laughter, and faith. 

It truly is what we choose to make it. Despite the bad that can come with it–life that is. 

So, regardless of being told cancer has returned.  Regardless of my dad dying around my birthday. Regardless of life itself. I choose to smlle. To let the sun hit my face as I look up to the Son. 

I choose to make the best of this life. Knowing it might not always be easy. But it’s still a life worth celebrating.  

Happy Tuesday! ❤😎

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