May 8th y’all! 

Quick one, sorta. I’ll update on my health, soon. 

This is to remind, maybe inform, everyone that May 8th is World Ovarian Cancer Day!

Q. Do you know the color for gynecological cancers?

A. Not green or pink.  It’s TEAL. A beTEALutiful color I might add. 😉💚

Q. Do you know any symptoms of ovarian cancer?

A. There are MANY. If you or someone you know experience three to four of these, for a good two weeks, have them see a doctor.

  1. Bloating, like your tummy is getting bigger for no real reason.
  2. Lack of appetite.
  3. Feeling full, after eating little. 
  4. Pain during sex.
  5. Back pain.
  6. Abdominal pain. 
  7. Night sweets or cold chills or both. 
  8. Loss of weight or big weight gain. I shot up 20 pounds. 
  9. Urgent need to urinate.
  10. Constant fatigue. 

As you can see, these signs or symptoms can mask as other less serious issues. Stuff doctors do miss. That’s why being open and not shy when speaking to your doctor is important. Be your own physician, if need be. Don’t let a doctor dismiss your concerns. Never take that chance. 

This disease can hit hard. And if missed the chances of past a five year survival are low. Lower than 45%! Be your own doctor, meaning speak up. And share what you know about ovarian cancer. Sometimes the doctors just don’t yet know enough. 

Anywho, now you have been “woke”, to a deadly disease that still needs much awareness.  Much advocacy! 

Be a voice. At your job. At your school/college. At your church/mosque/synagogue. At your local library. At your apartment complex.  At your home.

Talk about it. Don’t wait till it affects you personally. It took getting cancer to wake up to taking about it. But I didn’t have a blog or podcast or social media to tell me what it actually was to know what to look out for. 

It may not have saved me from getting it, but maybe oh maybe I would have been diagnosed earlier.  In a way my body could have avoided the stuff it went through during treatment, as well the aftermath my body experienced once the treatments were no more. The stuff that lingers from the toxins that I took, well, not sure if it will ever stop. Especially now that I’m back to fighting it a second time.

All that said, better to get it caught earlier than later.  

Listen to your body. Speak to others about it. But never be silent. Ever! For others will be helped. Maybe an other like you. If you’re a female reading this anyway.😎

May 8th, make it TEALrific day of wearing your best TEAL (you still have time to shop)…and helping as many people as you can, by starting the conversation.  

We all say we want to help make the world a better place, many of us that is, but sometimes though the opportunity comes we don’t run with it. But that can change. That will change. ❤

Sharing is caring. Never doubt that. 👊🏾


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