This is my rant (not really a rant more like SERIOUSLY THIS STILL HAPPENS?!) about the recent incident regarding Miley Cyrus.  I will add the article to this blog. 

But here are my two cents:

I don’t care how she was dressed. There is NO reason for someone to grab her and kiss her. I saw the video. He grabbed her head. I thought he was gonna pull her hair.

It’s friggin 2019 and BOTH men and women still want to blame the victim. Unbelievable!

And let me tell you, it doesn’t matter if you dress a certain way. Some men still think it’s ok to touch you without your consent. I drive for Uber & Lyft and men have touched me. Mostly when they have been drinking. One guy put his hand from behind and tried to give me a massage. I don’t care if I would love a massage. Seriously, I need one. I don’t know you! So don’t touch me! Not on my arm. Not on my hand. And certainly not from behind trying to give me a massage. By the grace of God I didn’t respond by punching anyone.

If you’re a dude, would you like some stranger touching your wife, your daughter, your sister, your mother, your niece, your aunt, etc.?

Then why touch the female driver? Would you touch a dude? I have never touched a male (or female) taxi driver. Or Uber/Lyft driver, unless to shake their hand for being nice with helping with luggage or something.

Men. Stop touching women without their consent. What you think is innocent is not perceived as so…from the one being touched. It’s not about being overly sensitive or whatever. We don’t like it. So stop doing it. Enough already. Pretty simple really! 

If you are a dude and have never done this, then this doesn’t apply to you. However, you can help by starting the discussion with your male friends. 😉✌🏾

Here is the article:

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