Yep, yours truly will be getting a colonoscopy at the young age of 48! 

But why, Hope? 

Well, here’s the deal– the latest development of my journey of the cancer recurrence.  

I have completed 6 chemo treatments. And my body has done very well–despite the agony that it has endured from said chemo treatment–so well that there shows no evidence of disease. Per the latest PET scan anyway. But something did show up on the scan. 

That something is a polyp in the exterior wall of my colon. It’s small. And the doctor doesn5 feel it’s cancerous. That said, it needs to be biopsied to rule out it being malignant.  

How do I feel? Honestly, I feel well. My energy is back from not having chemo, poison, in my body. Feels good to feel more alive lately. 

As for the colonoscopy, well, I feel ok. Not jazzed about having to drink a huge jug of stuff that will make me poop…a lot! But just ready to get it over with. So I can close this chapter—and begin anew. I am trusting the Lord that new chapter will. e starting soon. Hallelujah!

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