I have decided to see what all the fuss is about, regarding podcasts. 

It was never something I really wanted to do as my love is in writing; however, because the last cancer treatment (chemotherapy) has given me a lot of neuropathy (which is pain in my hands and feet–but in particular sensitivity in my fingertips) it has not been easy for me to write. Outside of typing on my smartphone, which I don’t do a lot of. And friends have suggested doing the voice to text thang, but typing is something that has the juice flowing when I write. It’s not the same with voice to text. Not to mention, that voice to text isn’t 100% accurate.  Holy cow the mistakes it makes when I send text messages. Funny? Yes! But funny nor fun when speaking for lengthy amount of times. 

So I wait until my fingers are better. I am believing I’ll get to a place where I will be typing–writing–like before. 

But in the meantime, why not try podcasting? 

If you know me then you know I can be one who loves to talk.  Not necessarily one who likes to hear myself speak. I’m not talkikg in that narcissistic way. And honestly, I am not a fan of my voice. Maybe like many out there I am like “is that really what I sound like?” 😲

But despite that, and because I like to talk and can talk about just about anything and everything under the moon I figured giving podcasting a shot is something I’m ready to do. 

I’m as green as they come. And truly just starting out. I haven’t been one to listen to many podcasts, to be honest. But I did listen to some, before starting mine. I listened to different genres that are out there. 

And there are MANY! There’s not a subject or topic you can’t find. I think that is what is so cool and appealing of it all too. 

Like YouTube, you don’t have to have money to get into it. You don’t have to have a specific niche in order to get people to follow or subscribe. It’s anyone is welcome really. Yes, like blogging too. 

The only difference is, of course, is that podcasts are audio. It’s for listening. I know there are those that do both like with a YouTube channel that has their podcasts. But for the most part, if I have this correctly, podcasts are mainly for those who want to listen to someone speak about things. Which makes it great for when you’re in your car. That’s usually when I listen in to a podcast anyway.  

The best thing, in my opinion, is that you don’t need the fancy equipment to podcast either. You can do it right from your phone. Gotta love technology! 

Ok, so here’s where I give myself a plug. ***If you didn’t know a “plug” is an idiom used to say something maybe on the TV or radio that will give people interest in it–in this case I am using my blog to advertise for my podcast 😉.***

If you want to know more about me, beyond my typed words, feel free to check out:
Talk Time with Hope @ 


If you like it please subscribe, and if you really like it share with those you think may like it too. 

Until next time.  Take care. Be safe. And stay healthy.  

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