Forever friends 

I have been very fortunate, nay blessed, when it comes to having some amazing friends. 

Some have come for a short period and others have stayed around all through the years. But all remain in my memories in a fond fond way.

Even those that came and may have left due to us outgrowing one another. And that does happen. Sometimes you find a friend that is so like you. Or is just really a fun person. But as we grow, we change. And in doing so we outgrow that person or they outgrow us. It’s no one’s fault.  It’s just life. 

Or maybe you meet someone that you get romantically involved with. And as you are together you feel like you are actual friends NOT just lovers. Which I would like to think that is the way it should be. Even if that’s not always the case.

Anyway, after the romantic relationship ends you may or may not stay in one another’s lives. That’s happened to me. I have had past lovers who are still my friend today. And a good friend at that. While others left the picture altogether. Those were hard. I tend to be too emotional–too sentimental even. And even though I know it is probably better to no longer be friends, it is hard. I want to have some part of them to remain with me. Which is quite selfish I admit. Especially when the other person doesn’t feel the same. Perhaps saying goodbye, in that forver kind of way, is something I am not too good at. 

But even if they choose to not be in my life, and after time has passed that helps me recover from that reality, I will always remember the good times we had. And do my best not to hold on to the bad. So much so that if they were to ever contact me I’d be there for them. It is just my nature to be forgiven versus resentful or cold or numb or hold on to anger from what someone may have done to me. Even if my heart was broken from the other cheating on me or lying or anything that caused a breakup. I’d still forgive. I’d still be someone that would answer their phone call. And I’d still be grateful for the good we shared and the friendship we had. 

The same goes for friends who have hurt me. For friends who weren’t there for me when life put me through tribulations. For friends that simply disappeared and I know not why. 

They brought good into my life, even if it was for a short time. They were my friend at one point, and that’s what I will remember. Forever. 

And then there’s those who remain my good friend through it all. Even if we don’t see each other often. Even if we don’t live in the same city, state or country. Those are my forever friends. Those folks are my ride or die. The ones that would pick me up at the police station and not judge me but rather make sure I was ok. And those that would show up with a shovel if I needed. And I’d do the same. JUST KIDDING! Maybe?! 

Truly, I’m so grateful for those friends.  Because in this life people do come and go. We have colleagues.  We have acquaintances. We have pals or buddies. But real friends. That know you and trust and you’d take a bullet for as they would for you. They are far and few between. And as we get older we see that real true forever friends are rare and precious.

If you should be blessed to have some or even just one, keep treating them well. Make sure to tell them how much their friendship means to you. Because not everyone in the world has true friends.  Let alone forever friends. 

I’ll close with letting you know one of my forever friends is in town and I got to spend some time with her, today. She’s actually here to rescue a lot of dogs and take them back to Jersey. How awesome is that!?!?

If you want to hear more about that check out today’s podcast, episode 9.

Until next time. Be safe. Be healthy.  And God bless. 

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