Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day, in America. A lot of people, myself included at one time, have thought of this day as the same as Veterans Day. 

But they are not the same. 

Yes, they both involve men and women who have served. But with one BIG difference. 

Veterans day is a day to thank those who have served. Those who volunteered or even didn’t volunteer (Vietnam war) to serve their country.  Really whether that (the time they served) was for a short period of time or long period of time.  

However, Memorial day is to HONOR and REMEMBER those that lost their lives while in the military, specifically while fighting in some war. 

We honor and remember them by the nation making it an official holiday. A time for the government and schools and some places of businesses being closed on this special day. 

Now some, maybe even a lot of, people may not think of all those that died so they can have the freedoms they have on Memorial day. They just see the holiday as an extra day off or a time to BBQ or an extra excuse to party.  When I was younger I probably saw it like that too. 

But now that I’m much older I try to give thanks and reflect on what many have done for me to live in our democratic society. 

And that’s what I’m doing today. 

Let us never forget the fallen. Let us never forget the sacrifices of those who served our country while in the military. And let us never forget why we have the freedoms we have and who we have to thank for that. ❤🇺🇲

Happy Memorial Day!

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