The World is Protesting! 

Times like this bring out the best in people. It brings out their humanity.  It brings out their empathy to others woes, to others sufferings. 

What is happening ALL AROUND THE WORLD is truly something amazing! It just sucks that it took another black life murdered at the hands of a police officer for this global movement to happen. But it is happening and I’m moved by so many friends that have come out on social media in support of the protests.

But at the same time it has been an eye opener to see some others who are not really standing with this global movement. But instead they are saying things like “all lives matter”  (which NO ONE is saying they don’t). And things like “well this George Floyd guy wasn’t a good guy and he is no martyr.” To which I want to say “and how is that relevant?”, because coming out and saying things against a murdered man’s character is quite low. It (him apparently not being flawless) does not take away from what was done to him. Which is the true focus.  What was done to him and many others. Bringing up the man’s flaws as if to take away the credibility of the movement is really incredible. In the worse kind of way.

If people (of ALL races) cannot see that what happened to George Floyd is BIGGER than just his senseless murder than they are really missing something.  How can some people continue to think that racism is not a problem in this country?

I don’t have to be black to see the injustices. I don’t have to be black to feel both anger and great sorrow for the wrongness that has continued to be done to those that are black. I’m human. They are human.  They are my sisters and brothers, as I believe God created us all.

How can others not feel the same? 😔

I have had to unfriend people who have talked bad about Muslims.  I will not stand for that. And now I’m unfriending those on my Facebook page that seem to think blacks are just being the victim and should get over it. And those who think racism is something of the past.

I didn’t want to. But I will stand for justice. I will stand with those that are wronged. And perhaps I’m unfriending them before they will unfriend me. Cause I’m quite sure they will eventually see that I will not be silent.

Ending with the news of people around the world protesting too. It made me cry a little, in the good kind of way. #blacklivesmatter

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