I lost my mom!

If you have a mom and you are close to her, please don’t let a day go by without telling her how much you love her. Make that phone call. Send that email. Send her that text. Visit her, if possible. And if you happen to not be that close to your mom, do the same. Life is too short to live in regret. I know my mom knew I loved her. She was my best friend, my rock and my prayer warrior. She was my everything really. Sometimes she thought I was too protective of her, but she also knew that was just who I was. My love for her was endless and I always wanted to make sure she was ok, no matter where I lived. And well I’m just glad I was back in Texas, just thirty minutes down the road versus being all the way in Saudi Arabia these past two years. For we were able to spend more time together and make more memories. Never enough new memories, but new memories just the same. God had me come home at the right time. Not just because cancer returned shortly after I came back, but also because it gave me more time with my mom. I would have wanted more. God, how I would have wanted more time with her. But I’m so very grateful for the time I did have. And even more grateful that she knew I adored her. I will miss her for as long as I have breath. The bruise is getting better, the color is fading, but the pain, the pain of the bruise will forever remain. I just now have to continue to learn to live with a piece of me, a piece of my heart, no longer present. As a friend of mine told me (who lost her mom 23 or so years ago) it will always hurt, but with time it becomes more and more manageable. I feel that is exactly how it will be with me. Please, don’t worry about me. After all my name is HOPE!

***My mom died of complications due to covid-19 — on November 29th, 2020. Please stay safe and keep healthy.***

My beautiful mom and me going to Hawaii, 2018.

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