Pro trump supporters in D.C. — before they breached the Capitol 

I can’t help but think of when Jesus was around. Stay with me here.

The people choose Barabbas over Jesus because the zealot leaders and many of the people would have preferred a insurrectionist over a man of peace.
What am I getting out?
I see these guys and gals with guns and bullet proof vests with the American flags as those that would have been shouting angrily to free Barabbas over Jesus.
They are people that say they are conservative and Christians yet they (and those in the GOP who are objecting to the votes) are the ones that are ready to start an all out war against their fellow American brothers and sisters.  For what?
Because trump and his administration could not accept that 80 million people choose someone else as the next president that they started lying. And lying and lying. And that lie became truth to trump followers?
These people, directed by trump and others, are willing to kill and kill for this man. A man that never looked out for the betterment of ALL Americans.  A man that makes a mockery of the over 350,000 covid19 related deaths — my mother being one of them. A man that I believe lies as much as Satan himself.  And a man that is NO Jesus or anywhere close to it.
No, I am not saying Biden is either. But Biden was choosen, whether trump’s followers want to believe that or not. The claims that there was cheating have been rejected in a court of law due to lack of evidence. But that is not good enough.
Because with all the proof that Biden won fairly we still have so many people shooting GIVE US TRUMP GIVE US TRUMP GIVE US TRUMP.
Trump over truth? Trump over what the constitution says? Trump over respect for the 80 million Americans who voted for someone else? Trump over Democracy? And now with his followers out with their guns ready to do whatever to “take back the steal”, Trump over peace?
No thank you! Give me Jesus!
And on January 20th, give us who the majority of America voted for, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. 
Pray for peace today and always. 🙏🏾

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