Forward Together 

Of the many things I am, I am a Democrat. To some that means I’m a snowflake. I’m not ashamed of that, because there’s nothing to be ashamed about. I know the side I vote for is not perfect. But that’s who gets my votes because they stand for many things I believe in. 

That said, when it came to being in the military I didn’t represent any one side. I represented ALL sides. I raised my right hand to protect and defend America (from any foreign or domestic enemy) and ALL Americans.  Regardless of race, religion, sexual identity, social economic status or political affiliation.  

I am no longer in the military, but I still feel the same. If I was able to donate blood I’d donate not caring who it would go to. Same if I received a blood transfer, I’d not care who donated. I wouldn’t stop to ask if the donor was white, black, Christian, Muslim, Democrat or Republican, etc. 

I’d take a bullet for just about anyone too. I’d not ask who they voted for first. Same for helping someone who is in a car crash. I’d just want to help EVEN if they had a trump sticker on their bumper. It’s about being a good human. As the majority of us still are. Despite the hatred we continue to see. 

On January 6th, America was attacked, from within. And the attacks may not be over. And although there is overwhelming evidence that those that stormed the Capitol were pro Trump rioters, who consider themselves Republicans, they are nothing more than thugs and as anti American as they come. Blindly, full of hate willing to follow a silly deranged manchild. 

It isn’t about the left or the right, Liberals or Conservatives, Democrats or Republicans. No, when it comes to the protection of our beautiful country, it’s about right or wrong. And what has happened is very wrong. We must stand TOGETHER to show these insurrectionists that they will not prevail. That they will never win. 

That hate will never win! 

Especially if we try to keep showing kindness, sympathy and value integrity — with a lot more love for our fellow (hu)man thrown in there too. 

May God be with us as we get get closer to president elect Joe Biden’s Inauguration. Especially on that day. And all the days after. For the hatred shown on January 6th, at the Capitol, isn’t just going away once America has a new President. 

So, pray. Pray without ceasing that regardless of our political differences that Americans stand together against home grown banana republic terrorism. And stand up and stand against those that would want to tear our country apart, more than it already is. Truly together is the only way forward. ✌🏾

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