Chemo side effects in full affect 

Well here we are, by we I mean me, day 9 from when receiving the first round of the new chemo. The first of six treatments. And let’s just say, it’s not going great BUT it’s not going horribly either. 

I’m not constantly in the bathroom vomiting and my bones are hurting in wretched pain. Which is what I’ve experienced the previous two times. Ok, never threw up the second time but it was the second time when the bone pain took place. The first time was when I had the worst vomiting experience ever.  Like ever for me. You may have had an even worse experience than me. So, it was just the worst kind of throwing up I’d never want to relive. But I digress. 

The side effects I’ve got going on are mostly what I would call mild. Mild for me because you now this ain’t my first rodeo and all. I know a thing or two about side effects. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an expert,  but hey I’m on cancer journey #3 (truthfully, I’d rather be on Mambo #5 but it is what it is) so I feel confident that I got some solid experience as well as know what my body can take due to what it has already been through.

And so the following may be seen as more than mild to most but that’s what they are to me. I don’t say that in a boasting way, I’m sure not bragging on how these aren’t too bad. It’s just to let you know that I’m doing alright, thus far. 

Mile Side Effects so far

  • Nausea that’s better now than the first few days after receiving chemo
  • Hotflashes/night sweats
  • Constipation
  • Lack of appetite
  • Fatigue 

More than mild:

  • Lower abdomen pain — comes and goes but was really bad around day 5
  • Middle and lower back pain — comes and goes
  • Neck pain & slight body aches
  • Fingertips feeling numb but with pain and tingling.  Very sensitive! 

Harsh to severe side effects:

  • Mouth sores
  • Tongue pain
  • Mouth feels like it’s in hell! 

Seriously, the mouth sores are the worst I have experienced.  And I have been dealing with problems with my mouth since 2017. I get sores / lesions in the inner of my cheeks and sometimes in the lower gums area. And the tongue is extra sensitive with lesions on the sides. But with this new treatment is WAY WAY WAY worse!

My tongue feels like it was put in a blender and then put back in my mouth. It makes it hard to eat, and there’s no enjoyment in it either. Eating literally hurts! To chew. To swallow. Painful! And of course that has me lose interest in finishing what I cooked. I barely ate half of the breakfast I made today. And that’s not cool! But it just hurts too much to continue. 😔😫

The thing about my mouth is that it’s also affected my lips. As if they have been sunburned, like the inside of my lips.  They have sores on them. And that’s new. Newly annoying! 

It doesn’t help that the autoimmune disease I have with my mouth (non contagious if anyone wondered 😉) exists. I think if it didn’t I’d still have mouth sores. But definitely nothing like it is right now. But because I have that other issue I think the chemo made it five times worse. Yeah, cool right? Not! 

It’s so not cool that I can’t eat a cookie.  A COOKIE! I’m in a nightmare and I just don’t know it! 

Guess I’ll have to get ice cream. I can eat that. And pudding.  And really just soft foods. I’ve been meaning to lose weight…so no excuses now. 😉

In all seriousness, if it doesn’t feel and get better tomorrow I’ll call the emergency doctor on duty. I know this is not the norm and they can put it in my files as well maybe let me know what I can do to alleviate the pain. I’m also going to see about getting some coconut oil and doing some oil pulling, I heard that can help with the mouth sores. Maybe not with my tongue pain, but can’t hurt but try. 

I’ll make sure to keep you updated on how I’m doing through the next six months and hopefully that will involve this mouth stuff being less and less. 🙏🏾

Until then, take care, be safe and keep healthy.  😷✌🏾

I’m attaching a picture of my tongue.  Sometimes a picture is needed to help you connect with what has been described. 

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