When right turns into wrong 

There’s an 18 year guy, Jackson Riffitt, that tipped off the FBI about his dad’s involvement in the insurrection that happened on January 6th. He was interviewed on CNN and was told to start a gofundme. Guys, in one day over $57,000 was was raised for him to go to college. Now he has changed his goal to $100,000. 

I do not think it’s bad to raise money for himself.  He is after all probably not gonna live in that house much longer. But $100,000??? 😲 Does he really need that much? Yes, he did a good thing. The right thing by tipping off the FBI. After the threats made to him and his family, I’d be surprised if he hadn’t say something, for his and his family’ssafety. But it feels like now he is just being greedy. 

He started with $40,000 then he moved it up to $45,000 then to $50,000. When I checked it this afternoon he had moved it up to $100,000. I just don’t think that is cool. What does he NEED that much money for? He is set with almost $60,000. His college is paid for. His other expenses are paid for. Why should he get more? He is not dying or dealing with a serious disease. He is not a wounded armed forces person. His home didn’t get burned and he has nothing. 

He tipped off the FBI because he knew his dad participated in the insurrection at the Capitol. His dad threatened to shoot him if he or his family members told the cops he was a part of the insurrection. That’s not good. So, he did the right thing. And I commend him for that. But then he goes on TV and gets interviewed by news outlets. So, he is not shy and wants people to know who he is. That was proven when he said pretty much that on Twitter. 

“Hey I’m the guy that was on CNN that turned in his father.” Was what he tweeted. And then starts his own gofundme because he needs money for college. Like so many other 18 year olds, but I digress. 

But to raise it to $100,000 when we are in a world pandemic and people are without jobs, getting kicked out of their homes and waiting in food lines. Really bro? Really? 

And yes, what about people like me who want to work but can’t because I’m going through cancer a third time and can’t risk getting sick due to covid-19.  Not to mention having to deal with all the side effects of chemotherapy. A friend started a gofundme with a goal of $7,000. That would help me for the next five to six months. It’s been active for almost a month and I’ve gotten almost $1,500 in donations.  When Jackson gets over $50,000 in JUST one day.  

Am I jealous? Nope. But I am a bit baffled by it. Because I’m not the only one that would love to have people be quick to give to those who are in actual need. Not for the next four years, but for the here and now or to help them for a true short while. 

Is that bad? Am I a bad person to feel this way? To be disappointed that people are fast to help a stranger who did a good right thing more than helping so many out there that need help today. And to feel that this young man, as noble of a deed he did, seems to be taking advantage of his situation. To ask for $100, 000 simply because he can yet not because he is in need of it. I think that’s selfish. I think it takes away his true intentions, which are what?

What are his true intentions by starting a gofundme? “Hey, I’m the guy that turned in my dad to the FBI because my dad did some bad stuff, has bad thoughts about the government, and threatened to kill us. So now please give me money so this poor kid can go to college. Yes, I know I was attending college already but I want to keep going so please pay for my way. Oh, yes I know people are hurting and have it way worse than me but remember I turned my dad in and did interviews on news outlets. I’m kinda a big deal.”

That’s how I am starting to see it. When I saw that he was raising the goal I started to see maybe he had selfish intentions. I mean, $40,000 isn’t enough? He said people are telling him to raise the goal? What people? How about know when to say enough. How about say “I’m so grateful for all who donated, but I’m stopping it now. I have way more than I could have imagined. But if you want to keep giving I’m gonna start a gofundme to help the food banks in my city. Let’s keep giving and to a worthy cause.” 

But thats not what he is doing. I just checked his page and he is up to $58,000. I actually went to his Twitter and tweeted at him. Asked him why he has to raise the goal when when he is set. He never replied. I doubt he will either. I mean he has become a celebrity to many. He even has over 12,000 followers now. 

Oh how people will do almost anything to be famous. To get noticed. Maybe that’s not what he was going for when he tipped off the FBI. I sure hope not. But I guess once you get a taste of international attention it’s hard not to want more. And to take advantage of people’s generosity. 

Oh, well, this is the life we live in. Right? But should it really be this way? When someone does the right thing and then takes advantage of it for financial gain. Does that not then make it wrong? 🤔

You tell me. If you think I’m off base, that I’m wrong send me a comment or a private message. But keep it civil or else I’ll delete it. No need to get nasty. 😉

And if you are looking to help someone that is really in need consider donating to food banks they really make a difference. Or places that help the homelessness. Or, if you have an extra $5 to spare consider donating to the gofundme that was set up for me. 

God bless. Stay safe and keep healthy.  ❤🌻✌🏾


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