New GoFundMe

Heu guys! I went ahead and started a new gofundme because, well, the last one didn’t seem to do well. I thought maybe if I started my own and worded it in a more straightforward manner maybe more people would be open to donating. And, I am getting the page out to ALL my social media platforms.  As well as sharing with just about anyone and everyone. Because why not? 

I hate asking for help. But I have to do it if I expect to survive on my own while going through treatment. I also saw, which I wrote about in my previous blog, that you don’t have to be going through a serious life changing disease such as cancer to get people to help you out. It’s all about exposure.  The more that know the more that would be open to helping as well as sharing. 

So without further ado, here is my gofundme link. If you can donate and share I’d truly appreciate it. If you can’t, please keep sending me good vibes and prayers.  ❤

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