World Cancer Day 2021

World Cancer Day. Honestly, before I got cancer I probably never shared about it. It’s sad, yet, realistic, that it usually isn’t until we are hit with something or someone we care deeply for are hit with something that we start to pay more attention to said something.

That something for me was cancer.

Most of you know my story–if you don’t I have a book for you called HOPE through cancer. I was diagnosed back in 2011. Then in 2019. And then again in 2020. I am now on chemotherapy again and well I don’t know what will happen next but I’m staying hopeful all will be ok.

In the last nine years I’ve met some of the most amazing women, many from attending the OCRF conference in Washington D.C. or from FB groups, who were diagnosed with ovarian cancer too or who lost a loved one to the disease. Sadly, many of those who had cancer or who had cancer but it came back have passed away. 😔 And sometimes guys I do wonder “why am I still here when so many continue to pass away?” Which is also why I try so much to spread ovarian cancer awareness.

And I’m happy to say that God blessed me with that passion and I got to do just that, in Saudi Arabia. Many of my students learned about it and have shared what they learned with their families. And they have huge families too. Many colleagues, from many different countries leaned about it as well. I give God all the glory for that, as it was Him giving me a way to not take for granted still being here when so many are not.

If you ever wonder what you can do to make a positive impact in this world know it doesn’t have to be anything big, for small things can make a big difference too! And all of us can be used to make a difference! No matter your race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual preference, political affiliation, or if you’re a vegan or not. 😉

Each one of us can make a positive difference in this world…today.

Join me in spreading World Cancer Day. Share my post. Share my story.  Share a post from another friend going through cancer or who has had cancer or who has died from cancer. Share that it’s World Cancer Day. Donate to my gofundme.  Donate to someone else’s gofundme.  Donate to a cancer society.  No money? That’s okay, because just donating your time to read this and share what today is can and does make a difference. 

I know in my heart that I’m still here for a reason. Even if it’s in continuing to tell the world about ovarian cancer. If one life can be saved and not have to go through all I’ve gone through then I’d die a happy gal.

So many of you have been there for me. So many have prayed for me. So many have supported me in ways I can never fully express my gratitude for. And I’m eternally grateful. 

Join me and so many others as we share World Cancer Day!

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