Freak Texas Winter 2021

Well I don’t know about you, but this Texas gal and all Texans really have not been happy with winter. Bad winter!

Don’t get me wrong, at first I loved that we were gonna be getting snow. It’s been a long time since I saw (proper) snow in my beloved state. And by proper I mean, the snow that comes down and blankets the land with white snow beauty, that stays for more than thirty minutes. Which can be the kind of snow we Texas are used to, when it actually snows. 

So, to have real proper snow was exciting. So exciting that I couldn’t sleep well the night before it was supposed to arrive. It was like the day before school starts back or the day before flying or even starting a new job — for me at least. I can never sleep well. And that was me Saturday night. 

When 3am finally came I was like a little kid. I was smiling and taking snaps of it to share with my former Saudi students. And then I went to sleep thinking how cool it will be to see it during the day. 

And it was cool. It was so cool. I loved it. Because it was like Colorado or Finland or Norway, with as much snow we got. I have loved traveling to cold places because I’m from Texas and used to live in Saudi. Never in my wild dreams did I think I’d see the kind of snow in those places in Texas. I don’t think anyone could have imagined it. Because it DOES NOT happen.

Like, seriously, it doesn’t happen. We broke records with the amount of snow and the low temperatures. In fact, Tuesday morning it was colder in Texas (1° f) than it was in Tromso, Norway 25° f). Yes, I’m talking Texas y’all. I believe it hadnt been that cold in a hundred years. 

To say I was over the cold is an understatement. I’m great visiting places that have lots of snow and cold temperatures…but even when I visited Santa Claus village in Finland and chased the northern lights in Norway, on a boat at midnight, it was not, I repeat, it was NOT friggin one degree Fahrenheit! Hello! 

It doesn’t help that because Texas has not experienced what this freak winter has brought that the power grids weren’t able to handle it. Or make that because people in charge didn’t do things to prepare for such weather (come on they had 100 years to plan) the shite hit the-we-don-t-have-power-to-have-heaters-let-alone-fans! 

People– across Texas — had no power and no heat for not just a few hours but for DAYS. There are still people four days now without power or heat.  My place had no power and heat for two days, thankful to brother for having me and my Spunkey (cat) stay at his place — not everyone was fortunate to have someone to g. Now I don’t have water because the pipes busted. So many people are without water too. It’s horrible! 

Yes, freak winters happen. We can’t prepare for everything (we can try) but we should have been better taken care of by the electric companies. And that really deserves a blog of its own. But I won’t go too much more into. I will just say it’s been a cluster fu#&! 

People have died. People have gotten sick. And people have not been able to work. Yes, the positive of this all is that we don’t have zombies. Cause a deadly contagious virus and freak winter storm leaving millions without power, heat and water is already too much. Zombies would just make it worse. 😉 

And the people in power like Governor Abbot want to blame green energy for it. When. That. Is. So. Not. True. 

But I’ll leave it at that. 

This winter needs to go home now. It was real. And it was fun. But it wasn’t real fun. It’s not you winter, it’s me. Really it’s me. I don’t care to live in cold weather. But thank you for the snow and smiles. Just go now. Please.  I look forward to seeing you in places that are built for your awesomeness. It’s just not Texas. We can’t do you very long. So really, it’s not just me. It’s Texans. But again, it’s not you. So don’t go away sad. Just go away.

And go away it will. By next Wednesday it will be 70° f, and us Texans may start to complain that it’s too hot too soon, but really will be grateful more than anything. I think we’ve all seen how nice we have it with our mild winters. And maybe when it’s 105° f this summer we will try not to complain, too much. I doubt it but we shall see. 

I hope wherever you are that you are safe and healthy…and warm. 

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