How times have (not) changed in 50+ years! 

Sad, a bit embarrassed too, to admit that it took the show Drunk History to teach me about the Birmingham Children’s March.

Guys this happened 50+ years ago! Five decades ago children were tired of the segregation. They were tired of getting hand-me-down books, that had been used by white kids. They wanted to be given the same opportunity for a good education as their white counterparts. But they’d not get that as long as segregation existed. So, the community asked for people to be willing to get arrested by protesting. Many adults were scared to, rightly so. But there was a little girl, Gwendolyn Sanders, that wasn’t and neither was her siblings, her classmates and many others. And it was the children that lead the protests, the March.

And according to

“On the first day of the protest, hundreds of children were arrested. By the second day, Commissioner of Public Safety Bull Connor ordered police to spray the children with powerful water hoses, hit them with batons and threaten them with police dogs.”

I don’t bring this up because yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I bring it up to show the stark contrast between how the attack on Capitol Hill was — where 99.9% of the rioters, insurrectionists, were white — handled as opposed to how the Birmingham Children’s March was handled. 

There has always been a higher stronger police presence where people of color protest compared to those who are white. 


Because those of color are more prone to violence than whites? Even when that has never been proven. 

Yes, at the BLM protests there was violence but not by the protesters. The violence was by those just wanting to smash things and even by those wanting to blame the violence on those protesting.  

People protests because they wants something that is broken to be fixed. That want to be seen and heard. They cry out for justice. And their goal is never to do physical harm. The majority of those protesting anyway.

And honestly, African Americans have been treated horribly since forever. The way they have been treated by cops, judges, the justice system, it’s deplorable. Until that changes they should keep protesting. Notice how I wrote protesting and not rioting? 

I have no doubt that anytime there is a protest there could be those who have sinister plans, but they are the MINORITY! But what happened on January 6th was full on chaos and terrorism! And the saddest part is there were warning signs that something bad was coming. And proof that people dropped the ball on getting more help.

Why? Was it because they thought “What are these white trump supporters gonna do?” They thought they’d have to deal with first amendment problems.  Really? That’s actually what was said. No big deal right?

Wrong! So very wrong!

But had it been the BLM movement oh they would have called in the calvary! Or even if it was not BLM associated. If it had just been 99.9% African Americans or Mexican Americans or Muslim Americans or Chinese Americans or Native Americans I guarantee you there would have been a huge police and military presence that day! The presence would be what it is this very moment and on Inauguration day, tomorrow.

And that’s what is truly sad. Because America hasn’t changed in its treatment of those of color. Fifty years after using high pressure water hose and threatening children with dogs, white Americans still get treated better. Even when they are committing treason with wanting to overthrow the government.

And after such a horrible act has taken place many many many other white Americans see it as not a bad thing. Even those in political power. How horribly sad is that? More like how outrageously appalling is that?!

I love my country.  I served in three, yes, three different branches and I’d do it all over again. But the America today is not a America I’m proud of. I’m heartbroken that it has become what it has become. And that 73 million Americans voted for a wanna be dictator who gave them the lie of the century.  That so many Americans would rather believe a lie, a conspiracy theory, than facts.

And with Donald J Trump that’s always been the case, at least for the past four years. He gives Satan a run for his money when it comes to who lies more. But ultimately, the saddest part is that so many people bought into his lies. So much so, that they felt he gave them each a person invitation to take seige of the Capitol. So much so, that they were willing to commit treason, steal, kill and die for the great lie that our so called President (and his enablers) started ALL because he didn’t want to accept that he lost a fair election.

But if it had been people of color doing what was done on January 6th, way way way more blood would have been spilled. And it would have been the blood of the terrorists. Shots would have been fired to keep them from gaining access. Just as it was 50+ years ago, when those of color were protesting non violently.

Though, let’s be honest. If 99.9% of those coming to D.C. would have been any other color than white they’d never get within 50 feet of the Capitol!  They’d have never gotten their permits to be there. It simply wouldn’t have gone down.

Because in America, sadly, the color of your skin still matters in how one is treated.

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